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So.... your skin won't clear up. You're consistent with your skin care regimen by exfoliating once a week, cleansing twice a day, and never sleeping in makeup. You've even abandoned your favorite makeup palettes, (temporarily of course) yet your skin simply won't clear up. Turns out it might not be you. It could be your environment. Well.... you're not completely off the hook because you will have to change your behaviors. Start by changing your bed linen more frequently. It is recommended that you change/clean your bedding once a week to keep down bacteria. Your skin sheds every night while you sleep. And remember when you skipped the shower on Friday night because you had way too much fun? Remnants of your favorite night spot are resting on your pillow right now. Eeek.  If doing laundry that frequently is a problem or changing your sheets weekly is not optional, do your best to at least change your pillowcases. Everything that's on your face and in your hair ends up on that lovely pillowcase.

Now that you've suddenly become a germaphobe, let's take your bed linen care routine to the next level. Have you considered disinfecting your mattress with a disinfectant spray or  vinegar? Vinegar, diluted with a little bit of water and our favorite essential oil, serves as a natural disinfectant.  Baking soda is a great way to cleanse and freshen your mattress. You can lightly sprinkle the baking soda directly on the mattress and use a vacuum attachment to clean it off. Feel free to disinfect your pillowcases and don't hesitate to open that bedroom window to let some fresh air in.  Towels are a warm, moist, fluffy breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. Change your towels more frequently. Current research shows that towels should be changed daily as bacteria sets up in them throughout the day.  Yikes. Toss that towel. You can go a bit longer in between changes with your drying towel, hopefully you're clean by the time you're using that one any way. Then there's the great debate: 2 towels or 1? Some people use one towel for the face and one for the body. Some simply wash their faces first. Do what works for you, BUT....I would recommend using a new clean (white) towel every time you wash your face. Clean your makeup brushes!!!!!! Often. Ladies read that again please. Grab a mild soap or baby shampoo give them a whirl in a cup of water and lay them flat to dry. A mixture of primarily water, a smidge a witch hazel, and baby shampoo can also be sprayed on your brushes several times a week, but be sure to rinse them out afterwards. Shampoo your hair. Your scalp is skin that is actually attached to your face. If your scalp is dirty, maintaining a clean acne-free face will be very difficult. Find a shampoo that works best for your hair type and go for it. If you struggle with scalp issues I recommend seeing a dermatologist or discussing your concerns with a licensed cosmetologist. Perhaps a blog covering common scalp issues will be next.  

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